Glamour was born in our home. She was such a comical kitten and grown in a fun cat to have around. Glamour follows us around the house and wants to participate in everything we do. She fetches small toys, and always ready to play. Glamour is a very sweet lap cat. She starts to purr easily. Glamour makes funny faces and always busy being glamorous princess.

Now she lives with Wendy Bennett, Mochablast cattery. "I can see why you love Glamour so much. She's such a character and so sweet. I'll give her a hug for you." -Wendy.


Glamour showing history:

February 21st, 2009, Victorville show:
6 winner ribbons. Glamour became a champion.

February 22nd., 2009, Victorville show:
3rd Best Shorthair Champion ( judge Sharon Powell)

March 21-22, 2009, Ridgecrest show:
3rd Best Shorthair Champion ( judge David  Mare)
2nd Best Shorthair Champion (judge Ed Davis)
3rd Best All Breed Champion (judge Ed Davis)

November 28, 2009, Palm Springs show:
Best champion in Division/Breed ( judge Bob Zenda)

January 2-3, 20010, Las Vegas show:
Best champion in Division/Breed in 4 rings. 


Stagelight's Eveready Freddie
Ch Codicat's Ayres of Starstrutter

Codicat's Luke
Champagne (bur b - 27b)
Ch Jeske's Aleksei of Bear Country 
Ch Codicat's Esther 
Ch Codicat's Naomi
Sable (bur n - 27) 
Ch Codicat's Jonah 
Ch Codicat's Sarah 
Ch Scheriburm's The Ice Princess
Platinum (bur c - 27c)
Ch Khinkat's Blue Frost of Scheriburm
Blue (bur a - 27a)
Ch Jeske's Prince Charming of Khinkat 
Ch Laki's Blue Storm of Khinkat 
Scheriburm's Crystal
Platinum (bur c - 27c)
Nori's Mr Fife of Wisker Wuv 
Ch Wisker Wuv's Tawny Lady of Scheriburm 
Ch Evita's Jordan of Burma Charm
Ch Evita's Apollo
Sable (bur n - 27)

GC Jeske's Rising Sun of Tojay
Sable (bur n - 27)
Ch Jeske's Thunderbird of Allura 
Jeske's Sweet Melodie of Allura 
Vindouro's Angel's Halo of Evita
Champagne (bur b - 27b)

Ch GP Laki's Meet Joe Black of Ringapurr 
GC BW Laki's Angelica of Vindouro 
GC Laki's Ashlynne of Evita
Sable (bur n - 27)
Ch GP Laki's Meet Joe Black of Ringapurr
Sable (bur n - 27)
Ch GP Laki's Sojourner of Codicat 
GC Gray Mark's Annie Oakley of Codicat 
Ch GP DM Laki's Brown Sugar
Sable (bur n - 27)
GC Shaineh Gideon of Laki 
Ch GP DM Laki's Proud Mary